photo1Do you know what the difference between an award winning landscape and an out-of-date design? Sometimes it can be as little as proper maintenance. We often refer to an older design as “classic” but only when everything is neat and clean and properly maintained. Without the proper maintenance, even the most amazing landscapes can look worn out.

We have been maintaining small and large residential, HOA, and commercial properties for over 10 years. We know how to trim, care, and cultivate plants to thrive for the long-term. Specializing in a more natural look, we take out time to trim bushes by hand when necessary. Why take this time? Because when a gardener only trims the outer leaves, the under growth stops growing. This behavior will cut short the life span of the plant. It also looks bad.

When the spring comes around, spruce up the place with gorgeous spring flowers, and add mulch to fertilize and keep the weeds down. We offer all sorts of maintenance packages that include regular mulch replenishing and seasonal flower changes.