peppertree-uplitSpecializing in LED lighting, we have been installing and re-fitting landscapes with high quality, long-lasting lighting systems for over a decade.

The need for proper outdoor lighting is more vital than ever. Including the appropriate lighting to your deck or patio is an important aspect of any outdoor setting and adds great value to your home.

There are many reasons to install outdoor lights to a new or existing landscape.

  • Create and ambiance to your outdoor spaces. Add a curb appeal to your walkways and softscapes in the evening.
  • Secure your entryways, utility areas, garages, and walkways with attractive, low-voltage lighting that increases usability without increasing energy costs like high voltage lighting.
  • Assure your family and quests can walk around the pool or steps with confidence. Adding just a couple of lights in the proper places can greatly expand the usable space in your landscape in the evenings.
  • Having a well lit perimeter discourages thieves and encourages usability