1. Why should I hire a fully-insured landscaper?

    We’ll answer that question with a question… do you want to be liable for any problems that happen on your property? If not, be SURE your landscaper is a licensed contractor carrying a sufficient amount of insurance.

  2. Should I sign a contract?

    YES! A contract is more for your benefit than the contractor’s. It should detail your expectations of performance and payment obligations so that there are no surprises.
    Your contract gives you a leg to stand on if mitigation is necessary. Besides, by law, for any project over $600 a contract is REQUIRED!

  3. Is there a standard amount or percentage that I should expect for a down payment?

    Believe it or not, contractors are LIMITED as to how much they may accept as down payment. You should expect to pay up to $1000 down or 5% of the project’s total estimated amount, whichever is less. For pools this is slightly different.

  4. How are change orders handled? Are there minimums?

    Due to the Paradise Process there are no hidden costs, but if you want to add something it can be added with a simple change order with no minimums.

  5. Do you use sub-contractors? Unconditional releases?

    Again with the Paradise Process you are totally covered. Always address these important points in your contract. At Paradise we are not a company of subcontractors. You deal directly with us throughout the entire project. We will not pass you off to a concrete company, an electrician, a plumber, or an arborist; you will always have Paradise from start to finish. An unconditional release is necessary if you receive a notice to owner during your project. This simple means there is an outstanding debt incurred by your contractor.

  6. What type of mow curb is being used?

    With the Paradise Process you will always know exactly what you are getting and how it is constructed. The mow curb is the division between grass and planter beds. This can be made of plain concrete, concrete with fiber glass shavings, composite bender board, plastic, or masonry materials.

  7. What color grout will be used for stone work? Will it be sealed?

    The color of the grout is one of the little details that can make or break your landscape. With the Paradise Process your detailed bid sheet will explain matching color grout or grey.

  8. Are there any warranties provided?

    The Paradise Process again not only provides you with a wonderful Paradise to enjoy for years, but makes it wonderfully easy for us here at Paradise to UPHOLD, warranty, for longer than industry standards. At the end of your project you will receive a detailed list of the stone, concrete color, plant types, and warranties. Additional items and information, depending on your scope of work, are also available for your personal files.

  9. Do I really need plans before starting? What if I already know what I want?

    Yes!! Just as important as signing a contract is having a to-scale design of your future Paradise . When describing an idea or artistic concept for the future of your home a plan is absolutely necessary. And if you know what you want all the more easier it will be to get to paper your design desires.