Tiered outdoor diningDoes your landscape look like your paradise? Are you just ready for a change? Do you need a solution to a landscape problem? Whether your landscape could just use a facelift, or it NEEDS to have work done to solve a problem, Paradise Landscape is the solution. By Employing the Paradise Process™, we’ll take a look at your current landscape; create a new design; and build your new Paradise. All the while, correcting past problems and ensuring that your new landscape is truly your own personal Paradise. Other homeowners are ecstatic about their new paradise!


The Paradise Process™

What you don’t see in your personal Paradise can be more important than what you do see.


For this reason, we employ our Paradise Process™, which begins with careful planning, proper installation and solid construction and ends with a no-hassle, turn key landscape.


Without this process, you may see a beautiful landscape now, but shortly, what you couldn’t see will show itself… in the form of: standing water, cracks in concrete, dying foliage, broken irrigation pipes, walls that lean, non permitted or improperly built structures, just to name a few. Or worse yet, a landscape you had not envisioned!


Take a look at the Paradise Process™.

You won’t want to start building your Paradise without it.


Phase I


Phase II

Design & Paint Out

Phase III


Phase IV


Phase V

Drainage Plus

Phase VI

Hardscape Plus

Phase VII

Amendments Plus

Phase VIII

Irrigation Plus

Phase IX

Painting & Sealing

Phase X

Planting & Lighting